Blog site http://www.baiyok.com.au is no ordinary site; it focuses on a subject that is a rage around the world today. Yes, we are talking about Thai restaurants and Thai food, a cuisine that is comparable with the best for its exquisite taste and unique flavours. You do not have to be in Bangkok to sample the fare, so popular is Thai food today that it can be had in any city or town around the globe, whether as street food or as a fine dining experience.

However, while people love the taste, the concept of Thai food still lies in grey areas in people’s minds. This is because, unlike Continental food or Indian curries that have been widespread for ages, Thai food has lately emerged from the mysteries it has always been shrouded in. The focus of our site is therefore to get behind the scenes and bring you blogs that opens up the finer points of Thai food that is as intriguing as it is interesting.

A few examples will help our readers to better understand our goals and objectives. Our blogs will highlight the origins of Thai food and where it originated from. Few know Eastern and Western influences have moulded Thai cuisine and what was originally stewing, baking and grilling later moved over to frying, stir frying and deep frying because of Chinese influence. Or that Thai cuisine eschews use of large animals cut into big pieces because Buddhism, religion of Thailand forbids it. Instead, meat of large animals are cut into small pieces or shredded before being cooked.

Coming to Thai restaurants, our blog spot will also concentrate on Thai restaurants dishing out excellent fare around the world with special emphasis on Australia. It need not be reviews of the top Thai restaurants only, we will go behind the scenes and explore little known but mouth watering Thai cuisine dished out in street corners too.

With a subject as broad as Thai restaurants and Thai cuisines, we understand that we need write-ups from bloggers interested in the subject. Our site is primarily dedicated to Thai cuisine and restaurants in Australia and blogs are invited on the subject. Topics might include opening of new restaurants anywhere in the country and experiences of the food and ambience there. Blogs can even be reviews of Thai restaurants in leading cities and towns in Australia. Or if one is there a report on the subject can be sent even from remote areas where Thai cuisine is catching on.

All contributions to our site have to be unpublished original articles. We will inform by email once they are posted on our site.